Fun dives - Certified divers

From Open Water divers to instructors. Don't worry if you don't have your license with you - I will check it in PADI or SSI system just when provided with your e-mail address and first/last name.

Dive sites - depending on conditions and your level of experience: from Radazul to Alcala, so almost the all island;)

If a group of more people, diving regularly, with experience, there is a possibility of organizing a dive in Puerto de la Cruz or Garachico.


-€65/1dive per person

-*130/2 dives per person


  • full equipment rental
  • guided dive
  • obligatory diving insurance

**boat dive additionally + €20/person

    What to expect

    Depending on your level, experience and dive conditions, Tenerife has to offer variety of life and dive sites - most of them accessible from the beach. From amazing amount of ocean rays, through possibility of seeing turtles, barracudas, nudibranches and sea horses to a beautiful topography - underwater overhangs, swim-throughs, shelves and platforms to sunken shipwrecks, statues, monuments and even miniatures of the villages. 

    Do we have sharks in Tenerife? Yes we do, but they hide really well 😊 Mainly angel sharks, smooth hound shark/dog fish. 

    Respectful diving

    As we are entering the water - we are always guest in the Ocean. The more respectful we wre - the more life we see. 

    • No touching,
    • No feeding, 
    • No teasing, as well as 
    • Respectful animal photography (no blocking entries/exits)
      policy towards animals. However, you can always bring a sandwich for your instructor 😊

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