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Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the price?

-Full equipment rental, cylinders with air, individual attention of diving professional.

-individual diving or in private groups consist of your partner/friends/family


For courses: full equipment for the time of a course, pick up to 30km, diving insurance for the time of a course, eLearning materials, all PADI fees, dives, individual attention of diving professional, variety of dive sites

What do you charge?

Depending on if it's your first experience, if you are a certified diver if you are booking a dive package or just one dive. Contact us for the information:)

Do you provide equipment?

Yes. You will get all the equipment necessary for diving.

I have no diving experience, can I still dive?

Yes!:) Everyone started at some point...:)

I don't have scuba diving insurance

If you don't have scuba diving insurance,, you will be insured within our insurance company.

What should I bring with me?

Swimming suit, towel, and dry clothes to change after a dive.

How many people are you taking?

Usually, diving is in individual sessions or a maximum of 2 people (for beginners). For a certified divers group of 5 people.

How long we will dive?

We dive for capacity of our cylinder, time is limited only by your air consumption.

If I want to come with friends and there is a bigger group of us, can we still dive with you?

Yes. Please give us a notice of a couple of days, so you get a second instructor for your safety and a better experience.

I wear glasses, can I still dive?

Yes:) It is recommended that you wear contact lenses for a dive because we don't provide diving masks with correction.

Are you diving from a boat?

We mainly dive from a shore. Tenerife offers amazing diving spots, and most of them are accessible from the beach, therefore there is no need to take a boat. Paradoxically from boat there are much less dive sites in Tenerife that you can go.

Do you make pictures from a dive?

Where are you diving?

Yes. However safety first, so if we see that you are comfortable and safe, then yes. They are not included in the price of a dive - cost of the pictures and video/s is 20 for all the package.

Depending on:

-your experience, if it is your first time, or if you ate certified - what is your level of experience,

-weather conditions

We dive in over 50 different places in Tenerife. From Radazul to Alcala (east to west side of the island)

If you have any other questions - leave us a