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Frequently Asked Questions

Information about diving and flights

After your dive, you should wait at least 18-hours before your flight or attending high points, paragliding, hiking Teide, etc.

What is included in the price?

-Full equipment rental, cylinders with air, individual attention of diving professional.

-individual diving or in private groups consisting of your partner/friends/family

-bottled water

For courses: full equipment for the time of a course, pick up to 30km from San Isidro, scuba diving insurance for the time of a course, e-learning materials, *all PADI fees, dives, individual attention of diving professional, variety of dive sites

*except certification fee for Divemaster and DSD Leader which is charged directly from participant's account by PADI.

Do you provide equipment?

Yes. You will get all the equipment necessary for diving.

I am quite stressed and anxious, I need more time to adapt, can I still dive?

If you are not afraid of water - we have time and patience, diving is perfect to help you overcome your fears and relax.

What's the maximum age to go diving?

The only limit is if you are fit to dive and you don't have any health problems - you are able to walk 2-3 minutes with equipment around 15kg, unless you have someone who will carry equipment for you...:)

What's the furthest locations you dive with small group of people?

From Radazul to Alcala, depending on ocean conditions.

Are you diving from a boat?

We mainly dive from a shore. Tenerife offers amazing diving spots, and most of them are accessible from the beach, therefore there is no need to take a boat. Paradoxically from boat there are much less dive sites in Tenerife that you can go.

What do you charge?

Depending on if it's your first experience if you are a certified diver if you are booking a dive package or just one dive. You can check a general pricelist above. Contact us for the information:)

How long we will dive?

We dive for capacity of our cylinder, time is limited only by your air consumption.

Where are you diving?ÔĽŅ

Depending on:
-your experience, if it is your first time, or if you ate certified 
- what is your level of experience,
-weather conditions

We dive in over 50 different places in Tenerife. From Radazul to Alcala (east to the west side of the island)

I have no diving experience, can I still dive?

Yes!:) Everyone started at some point...:)

I don't have scuba diving insurance

If you don't have scuba diving insurance, you will be insured by our insurance company.

What sÔĽŅhould I bring with me?

Swimming suit, towel, and dry clothes to change into after a dive.

What life I will see? Can we swim with dolphins??

Diving with Dolphins in Tenerife is illegal and they usually don't come close to divers. Depending on animals and their availability - they are still wild animals, we dont attract them, don't feed or chase them. Depending on a place we can look for a turtle, stingrays, seahorses and diversity of smaller aquatic life - sea horses, octopuses, mooray eels, barracudas, amberjacks and more.

How many people are you taking?

Usually, diving is in individual sessions or a maximum of 2 people (for beginners). For a certified divers - a group of 5 people.

What's the minimum age to start diving?

Only in the pool/not in the ocean! 
8 years old
In the ocean
10 years old
With me
15 years old

If I want to come with friends and there is a bigger group of us, can we still dive with you?

Yes. Please give us a notice of a couple of days, so you get a second instructor for your safety and a better experience.

Do you dive in Puerto de la Cruz?

Only with divers that I know, who are certified and experienced;)

I don't have a car

I choose dive locations as close as possible to the place where you are staying. I can collect up to 2 people if you need picking up.

I wear glasses, can I still dive?

Yes:) It is recommended that you wear contact lenses for a dive because we don't provide diving masks with correction.

Do you make pictures from a dive?

Yes. However safety first, so if we see that you are comfortable and safe, then yes. They are not included in the price of a dive - cost of the pictures and video/s is 20 for all the package.

Do you dive in Garachico?

If you are certified to 30 m, dive on a regular basis and have at least 30 dives - if there is a group of at least 4 people, we can organize a boat dive in Garachico.

How deep we will dive?

  • Not certified - max¬†10m
  • Open Water Diver - max 18m
  • Advanced Open Water - Divemaster -max 30m
  • Certified diver with a deep speciality - max 40m
  • Instructors - you know your limits Guys;)

Are there any health pre-requisities to dive?

Not recommended for people with:

  • Back problems,
  • Actually pregnant,
  • Medically treated ¬†heart problems or other serious medical conditions,
  • Recent surgery (unless approved to dive by a doctor)
  • Having¬†problem with performing light exercises, walking with equipment (15kg) for around 3 min,
  • Currently suffering from a cold,
  • Current¬†ear infection,
  • Diagnosed high blood pressure (unless approved to dive by a doctor),
  • An active¬†asthma (unless approved to dive by a doctor),
  • Fear of closed spaces/claustrophobia.

Guests cannot be under influence of an alcohol or other substances.

Flight back must be scheduled at least 18 hours after the experience.

All equipment is sanitised after each person. You have also choice to double sanitized it yourself with an available sanitiser - ask your instructor about more information.

If you have any other questions - leave us a