I came to Tenerife 4 years ago just for 3 months. I loved the ocean here so much that I stayed. Let me introduce you to the wonderful beauty of underwater world

Monika - instructor & owner of ScubaDiverse Tenerife

Discover with me a different world

PADI Courses, Try diving and fun dives


Learn to dive with me & get your PADI license

Hi, I am Monika and I live underwater. PADI Instructor, Master Scuba Diver Trainer, rewarded 2 years in a row with PADI Certificate of Excellence for the quality of teaching diving standards and for the customer service.

I have been working with people with different kind of stress and challenges:

  • anxiety
  • fear of water
  • autism spectrum

Thanks to patience and unlimited time, I am able to adjust this experience to your needs.

What you get diving with ScubaDiverse Tenerife

  • maximum group of two people + instructor
  • patience, flexibility, and no time limits
  • the individual, undivided attention of the experienced diving instructor
  • safety, safety, safety always first
  • environmentally respectful diving - no touching, chasing or feeding underwater life. If you have the urge to interact - interact with your instructor. I never mind getting food :) If you break those rules - yes, I will cancel your diving - animals are our priority. Plus touching them can end badly for both sides.
  • possibility of arranging flexible meeting time as well as flexible meeting location (I meet you at the place)
  • +everything needed for a dive (equipment, safety tools, insurance, materials for PADI courses)

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Help me to develop my career as instructors' trainer

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And that's what you go through as Divemaster :D

Lot's of practise, fun, more practise and memories. Divemaster course in Tenerife with ScubaDiverse Tenerife will prepare you for many situations - stress and diving wise. You will be able to be react immediately to unpredicted situations with confidence. As well as you will make a lot of fun dives and practical training with customers.

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Affordable accommodation during your diving courses. More information here

Wake up and dive poster


Discover the world of scuba diving - learn how to breathe underwater, experience different gravity, and be surrounded by amazing aquatic life.

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Certified Divers

As a certified diver, you have many options within your certification level. Wreck dives, swim-throughs, topography dives, mastering your buoyancy in wide cavern-alike spaces, night dives, and more.

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PADI Courses in Tenerife

Click on each course to learn more.

From PADI Open Water, Advanced Open Water, skills refreshment and rescue diver to Divemaster and DSD Leader.